XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
   XLXUS2 v2.4.1 - Dashboard v2.4.1   /  Service uptime: 1027 days 07:54:19

 Module A - Transcoding. Main Channel ***Comming Soon***.
 Module B - D-Star - D-RATS Data and Voice.
 Module C - C4FM Fusion
 Module D - DMR Default. Nothing formal yet.
 Module E - Interlink XLXUS1-5 and USA
 Module I - Alabama
 Module J - Arkansas
 Module K - Illinois
 Module L - Iowa
 Module M - Louisiana
 Module N - Minnesota
 Module O - Mississippi
 Module P - Missouri
 Module Q - Oklahoma
 Module R - Wisconsin
 Module S - Indiana
 Module T - Kentucky
 Module U - Michigasn
 Brandmeister DMR TG Comming Soon 
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